Lessons of Our Land is Standardized!

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At the end of 2015 the Foundation worked with a contractor, Josh Isaacson of Saint Paul, Minnesota, to standardize all relevant lessons with the Common Core State Standards and the Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards. Emphasis is not only placed on content standards, but also literacy! There are now many ways you can teach about Native history and land in the classroom!

The feedback from teachers has been overwhelmingly appreciative and positive. As one teacher wrote, "Putting actual standards to your curriculum actually makes it way easier to use! Thank you for making it easier  to teach about American Indian history in my class!"

Why not take a few minutes now to browse the curriculum? Maybe you will find a new lesson, think of an innovative way to include a lesson in your curriculum, or even create a new lesson idea!

Do you have questions or thoughts? If so, then please do not hesitate to contact Nichlas Emmons. Constructive criticism is always appreciated!