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Native American Pre-K through 12 Curriculum

What is Lessons of Our Land?

Lessons of Our Land is designed to make it easy for Pre-K through Grade 12 teachers to incorporate Native American stories, lessons and games into regular classroom instruction. This interdisciplinary Indian land curriculum was designed to align with existing state standards and is adaptable to include the history and culture of a region’s Indian nations. While Lessons of Our Land positions Native American tribal issues and values at the forefront, the curriculum emphasizes the fundamental relationship between land and people in general, not just Native Americans.

Lessons of Our Land is Standardized!
At the end of 2015 the Foundation worked with a contractor, Josh Isaacson of Saint Paul, Minnesota, to standardize all relevant lessons with the Common Core State Standards and the... Learn more
Professional Development for Teachers
In April 2015, Indian Land Tenure Foundation program staff attended the American Educational Research Association conference in Chicago. During this time, 401 surveys were completed to determine... Learn more

Who created Lessons of Our Land?

Lessons of Our Land was created by Indian Land Tenure Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization based in Little Canada, Minnesota and serving tribal nations, individual Indian people, educators and others in matters related to Indian land. We offer the curriculum free of charge. To learn more about Indian Land Tenure Foundation, visit www.iltf.org.

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Indian Land Tenure Foundation offers small grants to schools and individual educators to support implementation of Lessons of Our Land. Click here to learn more

“For young people in my community, I want them to know about those stories, so when they go and stand there, they know about their relative, that this is how they used this place...”
Julie Cajune, Salish Educator and Curriculum Specialist.